Web TV Service Boxee.tv Hacked, Details of 158,000 Forum Users Leaked

A total of 800 Mb of information has been stolen by the attacker

Boxee.tv, the web TV service acquired last year by Samsung, has been hacked. The attacker has leaked a total of almost 800 Mb of data stolen from the company’s forums.

Last week, experts from Risk Based Security analyzed the breach, which they believe took place on around March 10. They found the leaked data on a Tor service in raw SQL dump format containing a total of 192 tables.

A total of 158,128 user accounts have been compromised, including password hashes, user IPs, dates of birth, and messages sent by users through the service. The leaked information also includes 172,234 email addresses.

Unfortunately, the password hashes can be cracked so users are advised to change their passwords as soon as possible.

The hacker posted a message on the Boxee forums claiming that the leaked info also includes the details of Brian Krebs, the famous investigative reporter who specializes in covering cybercrime. However, a search for Krebs’ Gmail address on the Have I Been Pwned service shows that his details are not included in the leak.

Users who fear that their details might have been compromised in the Boxee hack can use the Have I Been Pwned service to check. Ars Technica reports that LastPass has already notified impacted customers and has instructed them to change passwords.

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