Weather Flow for Windows Phone 8 Gets Updated

Now with support for three new Live Tiles, Lockscreen, and more

Owners of devices running under Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 or Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system versions can now take advantage of a new flavor of the Weather Flow application, namely version

The new app release has already been pushed to the official Windows Phone Store, where it is available for purchase for $1.99, but accompanied by a free trial for users to get a taste of it before buying it.

The latest version of the application brings along a series of enhancements aimed at Windows Phone 8 devices, so as to provide users with an experience in line with what the platform has to offer.

Thus, users will enjoy three new Live Tiles, along with support for the Lockscreen, the possibility to easily pin different locations to the homescreen to view info on weather easier than before, and more.

The full list of features that this app is providing users with includes:

- Choose from two different live tile styles and three different live tile settings. Use the simple and elegant modern style or the graphical and beautiful rich style. Set the content of the live tile to show current, daily and hourly forecasts.

- Choose from three different lock screen styles and three different lock screen information settings. Choose your background image to represent the current weather, use a custom image or use the daily Bing wallpaper. Set the content of the lock screen to display the current weather, daily or hourly forecasts.

- Track weather for multiple locations in the app. Forecasts and weather conditions are provided for locations around the world.

- Pin multiple locations to your start screen to track whether it’s warm or cold, rainy, cloudy, windy or sunny there.

At the same time, the mobile application arrives on Windows Phone handsets with support for both metric (Celsius) and imperial (Fahrenheit) measurements.

According to Gergely Orosz, the app’s developer, the new flavor of Weather Flow also offers support for all three tile types (namely small, medium, and wide) with backtiles. Learn more on the application through taking it for a spin on this page in the Windows Phone Store.

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