“We Are Legion” Anonymous Documentary Released Online – Video

The movie is available on iTunes and on the official website

The long-awaited documentary “We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists” has been released online. It has been made available on iTunes and it can be purchased on DVD and Blu-Ray from the official website, DRM-free of course.

Brian Knappenberger, the creator of the movie, told Wired that it wasn’t an easy task to finish “We Are Legion” because of Anonymous’ constant evolution.

The documentary has already been screened at several theaters and film festivals, other screenings being programmed to take place in the upcoming period.

Considering that none of the Hollywood big boys was involved in the development of the movie and considering that an earlier version of the movie was posted online, the filmmaker is somewhat concerned that the money put into the documentary will not be recovered.

Knappenberger’s next project will focus on the interesting story of the LulzSec collective and Sabu, the hacker who ratted out his team mates after being arrested.

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