Waterspout at Batemans Bay, Australia Caught on Camera

The waterspout, reminiscent of a nuclear mushroom cloud, blasts thunder and rain

A video of what looks like a twister surfaced on YouTube, November 17, from an uploader in Batemans Bay, in southern Australia.

In fact, what you see in the clip is a waterspout, a funnel-shaped cloud formed over water. According to the Mirror, it didn't wreak havoc or cause damages, but it did make for an amazing spectacle.

It's incredible to see as the waterspout, reminiscent of a nuclear mushroom cloud, unleashes itself, blasting thunder and rain.

Two weeks ago, a passenger on a flight to Key West, Florida, caught a waterspout on his phonecam. His picture, including what he described as an apocalyptic scenery, went viral on Reddit.

“Ladies and gentlemen, if you look out the right side of the plane you will presently see we are flying right into the apocalypse,” he says.

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