Waterspout Comes Ashore in Tampa, Florida

Tourist catches the event on camera, the picture goes viral

On February 26, a waterspout came ashore in Tampa, Florida. Soon after, both the trees and the buildings located along the Floridian coastline experienced the strength of this water tornado, meaning that they sustained significant damages.

Luckily, nobody got hurt, yet the people living in this area agree that the event was frightening in the extreme, and that it will be a while before they manage to overcome the scare.

“A waterspout developed around 11:12 a.m. in the channel between Harbour Island and Davis Island, between the Westin Hotel on Harbour Island and the Tampa Bay Convention Center,” AccuWeather says.

Furthermore, “The waterspout moved onshore as a tornado along the northern shore of Harbor Island near the Westin Hotel and proceeded down the channel between the Tampa Bay Times Forum and Harbour Island. The tornado continued through the channelside area before lifting just east of the Florida Aquarium.”

The picture above was taken by a tourist named Robert Siegel who managed to catch the waterspout on camera right before its reaching land. Apparently, this amateur photographer argued that the sound made by this waterspout was fairly similar to “the breath of god.”

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