Watch the LHC/CERN Zombie Mobie - the Higgs Gone Wild

The movie shot by students at CERN is now available online

There's plenty of stuff going on at CERN, even beyond thousands of scientists trying to unravel the deepest mysteries of the universe, stuff like an amateur and completely unauthorized zombie movie.

Several students from the UK and the US spent a part of 2010 in some of the tunnels in and around the research facility shooting a zombie flick.

In the movie, a huge disaster at the facility "releases" the Higgs boson (yes, really) which promptly turns most of the scientists there into mindless, undead, zombies save for a few fit, young students that must now make their escape.

The movie obviously doesn't make any pretense of scientific accuracy or of having any budget, it was all shot with a few thousands of dollars on borrowed DSLR's and with actual students and doctorands from CERN.

The best part is that the movie is now complete and online, for free. You can watch it in full on YouTube, or right here for that matter.

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