Watch: a Mash-up of Internet Memes and Viral Videos

Try to guess what memes are featured in this creative video

As we are close to the end of the year, it's only fitting to post a mash-up of the memes and viral clips that dominated 2012.

Klick Health put together this creative and incredibly complex compilation. The clip has only garnered 20,000 views so far, and I believe it's deserving of more attention from YouTubers.

Their “Holiday Video 2012” includes PSY's Gangnam style moves, of course, and an appearance by hacker group Anonymous impersonators.

That is all I can say, however, as Klick has organized a “Guess the meme” contest, which you can enter here.

Basically, if you get all the hundreds of memes right, or at least name as many as you can, you stand to win a prize. The company is offering a trip for two, a MacBook Air or an iPad Mini.

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