Watch: Zoanette Johnson Gets Standing Ovation on American Idol with “Circle of Life”

Nicki Minaj is moved to tears, entire audience is won over by bold Zoanette

The other night on American Idol, Zoanette Johnson won over the audience with a powerful, impressive rendition of “Circle of Life” that even brought tears to the eyes of rapper and judge Nicki Minaj.

Check out the show-stopping performance below, it’s truly something you’ll be sorry to have missed out on.

All four judges were impressed by Zoanette’s strong voice and almost impossible to contain enthusiasm when singing, and all praised her warmly for it.

The entire room was standing up by the end of the song, so they definitely loved it too.

“When I think of you coming from Liberia and all those siblings and the fact that they’re gonna get to see you on this show, I’m so proud of you,” Nicki told her.

Zoanette was the only “superstar” worthy of the name and the only performer people would remember the next day, Nicki promised. She was right about that.

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