Watch: Woman Eats Designer Handbag While on NYC Subway

Other commuters seem unable to make head and tail of the peculiar scene

This video showing a woman feasting on a designer handbag while riding the tube is bound to raise some eyebrows and get people to scratch their heads in confusion and disbelief.

The footage was shot in New York City in the US, and the woman featured in it is said to be a model.

As she is busy gulping down the designer handbag that she brought along with her on the subway, other commuters cannot help but stare at her.

Needless to say, they can't look away because they are having trouble making head and tail of the peculiar scene unfolding before their eyes.

Towards the end of the video, we are told that the bag is not an actual bag, but a cake made to look like one.

Thus, this bizarre incident was merely intended to get some publicity for a cooking school that specializes in teaching people to bake cakes that bear a striking resemblance to handbags.

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