Watch: Wild Tiger Cubs Caught on Camera in the Indian Jungle

The cubs are so young they can barely walk, their mother trails their every step

The footage above was shot in the Indian jungle and shows four wild tiger cubs stumbling out of their den and trying to make head and tail of their surroundings.

Due to their being incredibly young, the cubs can barely walk. Because of this, their mother is doing its best in keeping a close eye on them and trails their every step.

Still, the cubs seem a tad hyperactive, and odds are they mum is having a rather difficult time trying to control them.

According to the people who pieced together this video, the footage was shot with the help of cameras fitted on elephants.

“Poor tiger mum! She needs a cub minder or playpen for this lot!” reads one comment to this video. “Why are the most cuddly looking animals always the ones that could rip your arms off?” another viewer asks.

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