Watch: White Lion Cub Tries to Roar, Makes Sheep-like Sounds

The cub is merely 7 days old, has a lot to learn about sounding fierce

This past Thursday, a female white lion cub made her debut at Belgrade Zoo in Serbia. She might be only 7 days old, but she is nothing if not determined to prove that she is one very scary beast, and make sure that people know that they should show her respect.

Check out the video above to hear her roar, and get ready to be overcome with fear. Fear that the cuteness overload might make you keep smiling for hours on end, that is.

Most of the people who have had the chance to watch this video agree that, rather than sounding like a fierce lion capable of striking fear into the hearts of her enemies, this cub only succeeds to make sheep-like noises.

Well, here's hoping it won't be long until she figures out what roaring is actually supposed to sound like.

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