Watch: “When the Zombies Come” Short Film in Full [Sundance 2013]

Short film impresses at Film Festival, is now available online

Though we’ve received repeated assurances from the authorities that a zombie apocalypse is not yet nigh on us, as they say, prevention is always the best course of action. This is also the idea of the group of young filmmakers behind “When the Zombies Come.”

The short film, directed by Jon Hurst, sees a bunch of bored teens prepare for the zombie apocalypse simply because their life would suck so badly if they didn’t have this thought to occupy their mind.

All of them work at an ACE Hardware store which not only provides them with the perfect zombie-slaying weapons, but is also located right between a pharmacy, a farmers’ market, a supermarket and a tacos place.

In other words, their workplace has all the things it takes to make it a safe haven in case zombies take over the world. Can you say the same about yours?

“When the Zombies Come” opened this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival to solid reviews. You can watch it in full above. Trust me, this guy is a guy with a plan.

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