Watch: “What Does The Farmer Say?” Parodies Ylvis Hit

The clip raises awareness on how much effort goes into farming

The “What Does The Fox Say?” hit by Ylvis has been covered and parodied many times, but one of its covers draws attention to a serious issue.

Derek Klingenberg shows how little glamor there is in a farmer's job, adapting the lyrics and replacing “fox” with “farmer.”

They work day and night, they have calluses on their hands and their clothes get dirtied by soil. He calls on the public to remember that the next time they buy fresh produce.

“Next time you eat your food of choice, listen for the farmers' voice,” Klingenberg sings. His version has been watched 300,000 times in 2 days, even though the singing is terrible.

The clip has been filmed at the farms of Doug Armknecht and the LaRosh Family in Osborne county, Kansas provided footage of their wheat harvest.

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