Watch: Violent Giraffe Fight Caught on Tape

The footage went viral in a matter of days and people find it impressive, to say the least

This video is actually part and parcel of a series named "Africa," which is to air on Discovery Channel starting January 8. The series is a seven-part coproduction with the BBC.

The people who shot this footage argue that it is by far the most violent giraffe fight ever caught on tape. Granted, they had to spend about four weeks in the desert before they managed to capture this epic battle on camera, but they say that it was all worth the trouble.

As one can easily notice, the two giraffes are anything but shy when it comes to using their necks as weapons, and deliver one blow after another.

The reasons behind this fight are quite common in the animal kingdom: territory, food and the right to mate. It is to be expected that said series will provide other interesting insights into Africa's wildlife and biodiversity.

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