Watch: Video Exposes the Cruelty of Puppy Mills

“Puppy Mill in 60 Seconds Flat” encourages people to adopt pets, not buy them

While it is true that once in a blue moon, PETA overreacts, the fact remains that sometimes, the things that this organization says and does actually make sense.

The video above, titled “Puppy Mills in 60 Seconds Flat,” is intended to convince people to head over to an adoption center should they decide to welcome a pet into their lives, and not opt for buying one from a store.

PETA's message is pretty straightforward: the people working at puppy mills and other breeding centers of this kind treat animals with unimaginable cruelty, and the people who buy dogs from pet stores do no more and no less than encourage this practice.

“It's standard practice for puppy mills to keep animals in cramped, crude, and filthy conditions without proper veterinary care or socialization,” PETA says.

“Female dogs are bred over and over until they can no longer produce puppies—at which point they are auctioned off or killed. Mothers and their litters often suffer from malnutrition, exposure, and a lack of adequate veterinary care,” the organization adds.

Viewer discretion is recommended when watching the video above as some people might find its content disturbing.

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