Watch: Unibrow Discrimination Is Real, Social Experiment Proves

Mark Rober shows people tend to talk more to those who have two eyebrows instead of one

First of all, it need be said that Mark Rober's going around asking a bunch of people to answer some of his questions while sporting a unibrow can hardly be referred to as a criticism-proof scientific experiment.

Still, this small-scale social experiment does allow Mark Rober to draw some very interesting conclusions concerning unibrow discrimination.

Long story short, it appears that most people tend to talk more to those who have two eyebrows rather than just one.

Still, the company of others seems to also have a say in the matter, meaning that certain individuals are more willing to socialize with people who have a unibrow when there is nobody else around.

I can only assume that it will be a while before some real researchers decide to go through the trouble of rolling out a large-scale investigation into this particular type of behavior, so for the time being, we'll just have to settle for Mark Rober's findings.

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