Watch: Truck Crashes, “Spills” Cows All Over the Road

Luckily, most of the animals immediately get back on their feet and walk away

After watching this video, animal rights activists will probably wish to express their outrage with respect to how cows are transported in Russia.

As shown in the footage, the vehicle somehow ends up on the wrong lane, and from this moment on, it is only a matter of seconds before it flips over and “spills” cows all over the road.

Needless to say, the accident must have been caused by a mistake made by the truck's driver.

The good news is that, by the looks of it, most of the cows escaped the accident without sustaining any significant injuries.

Thus, they immediately got back up on their “feet” and walked away. Still, they might prove a tad reluctant the next time somebody asks them if they wish to go for a ride.

Apparently, the accident took place in the Krasnodar region in southern Russia.

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