Watch: Trombone Video Will Make You Dizzy

A performer attaches a versatile sports camera to his trombone

A video titled "Trombone silliness” just caught my eye, and I decided to feature it. YouTube user CDMVette uploaded this clip 3 days ago, and it has already received over 830,000 views, a clue about the fact that this truly is a hit.

A performer attached a camera to his trombone, creating a hypnotic spectacle that draws viewers in with an enchanting, old-school charm.

The player is New York Philharmonic's David Finlayson, and, according to the video's description, he used a GoPro versatile sports camera for this exercise.

On his website,, he details that he is playing on a Yamaha Xeno. Had the song included a faster tempo, this video would have made anyone nauseous, he says.

This way, we just get the feeling of looking at the world through the trombone's eyes, which is indeed quite silly.

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