Watch: Time-Lapse Video Shows Blizzard Nemo Covering Patio Table with Snow

The footage was shot in Connecticut, went viral in a matter of hours

The time-lapse video above shows blizzard Nemo dumping significant amounts of snow on a patio table. As once can easily notice, by the time the snowstorm came to an end, the table had already been hidden from view.

Apparently, this footage was shot in Avon, Connecticut. Needless to say, the video went viral in a matter of hours, and it is now causing almost as much stir as a previous picture of this blizzard as seen from space has.

“That's wild. Thanks for putting that into perspective for us,” one viewer commented on this time-lapse video.

As previously reported, several specialists believe that, as climate change continues to progress, such extreme weather manifestations will become an ordinary sight, so odds are the future will bring us several other such videos.

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