Watch: Tigers Take Down Frosty the Snowman and His Entire Family

The cold weather is no excuse for the tigers not to continue playing as they usually do

This footage was made available to the general public by zookeepers working with the Longleat Safari Park in England, and shows a group of Amur Siberian tigers taking down both Frosty the snowman and his kid / height-challenged friend / cousin (take your pick).

Luckily for us, the people who brought Frosty and his companion to life went through the trouble of fitting them with some cameras.

Hence our being able to come as close as anyone might ever wish to get to the inside of a tiger's mouth.

Odds are the cameras were not very happy about their being chewed on by these felines, yet here's hoping they will soon overcome their trauma.

For those unaware, Siberian tigers are presently listed as an endangered species and efforts are being made to make sure they do not fall off the biodiversity map at some point in the not so distant future.

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