Watch: Tiger Kills Circus Trainer in Mexico

The animal bit the trainer's neck, clawed his body

The footage above shows how, during a circus performance in Mexico, a Bengal tiger somehow ended up attacking and killing his trainer.

Apparently, the incident occurred this past weekend during a Circo Suarez performance in Sonora state. However, it took several days before footage of this animal attack made it online.

The man killed by this Bengal tiger was an American trainer named Alexander Crispin, and information made available to the public thus far says that his death came as a result of the animal's biting his neck and clawing his body.

Thus, despite his being immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, the hypovolemic shock he suffered following the attack made it impossible for doctors to save his life.

Rumor has it that the Bengal tiger also died at the hands of one of the trainer's companions, who mortally wounded it while trying to save his friend.

*Viewer discretion is recommended when watching the video above, as the footage is rather shocking.

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