Watch: Tiger Gets Smacked in the Head, Made to Sit for Photos

The animal is being abused for the sole purpose of entertaining some tourists

This video showing how a tiger is being abused by two men, who use sticks to smack the feline in the head, just made it online, thanks to someone who decided to upload it on

As one can easily notice, the tiger is being hit for the sole purpose of convincing it to stay put while several tourists gather around to have their photo taken with it.

One man even goes as far as to place one of his hands on the tiger while (supposedly) casually smoking a cigarette. What is even more disturbing is that children are also present in the footage.

Rumor has it that the video was shot at either a beach resort or a zoo in the Chinese city of Qinhuangdao.

“I was seriously hoping this video would end with one of those two guys mauled,” an outraged viewer commented with respect to the footage.

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