Watch: Thousands of Baby Turtles Are Released into a River

These tiny turtles will eventually grow to be one meter (about 3.2 feet) in length

In an attempt to up the overall headcount for the local turtle population, thousands of tiny such aquatic creatures were recently released into a Bolivian river soon after emerging from the eggs.

The hatchlings were either Yellow-spotted River Turtles or South American river turtles, and Global Animal explains that reintroducing this many into the wild was needed so as to make sure that the two species will not become threatened, endangered or even extinct as a result of excessive hunting.

Apparently, both their meat and the eggs they lay when reproducing are quite tasty, which is why people feed on them on a regular basis.

Baby turtles are more often than not cute and fun to look at, but I have to admit that so many of them gathered in several piles on the ground is a rather peculiar sight.

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