Watch: This Year’s “Otters on Ice” Ballet, Courtesy of the San Francisco Zoo

The animals are having loads of fun just swimming around and playing

The San Francisco Zoo recently released this video showing that the otters living at this wildlife park are quite happy to once again be able to put on their yearly “Otters on Ice” performance.

In all fairness, the still have a long way to go until they will be able to give the Russian ballet a run for its money, but here's hoping.

Besides playing with the ice cubes they now have in their enclosure, the otters love to swim around and show that, although they might have a hard time being graceful on land, they are quite gifted when it comes to moving around in the water.

Just for the record: otters are more than just funny animals that can really brighten our day when we're feeling down.

Thus, those living in the wild actually help keep climate change and global warming under control.

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