Watch: The Sound of “Skyfall”

Video shows how director Sam Mendes made James Bond film a more captivating experience

If you still haven’t seen “Skyfall,” the latest James Bond film, perhaps the video above will convince you it should be on your to-do/see list. It’s about the making of the sound of “Skyfall.”

The video comes courtesy of Soundworks Collection, and invites fans behind the curtain, for a closer look at how the magic of the latest 007 movie came to translate to the big screen, under the skilled direction of Sam Mendes.

As Sound Re-Recording Mixers Greg Russell and Scott Milan explain (and others too), Mendes’ idea was to immerse audiences within the world of “Skyfall” without doing it in too obvious a manner.

The experience is seamless even when scenes with different levels of action and different approaches follow each other – and the video above explains how that was made possible.

As of November 9, “Skyfall” is also running in US theaters.

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