Watch: The NFL, a Bad Lip Reading

Video aims to answer ever burning question of what is actually being said on the field

Even if you’re like me and you don’t know a single thing about sports (for whatever reason), the video above, yet another brilliant offering from the guys at Bad Lip Reading, is a must-see.

After taking on movies and even getting a bit into politics by covering the Presidential debates, Bad Lip Reading is turning to sports: the NFL, to be more exact.

With this brand new video, we now finally have an answer to the ever burning question: what are all these people yelling in the field?

Tom Brady, for one, is happy that he’s found Fido even if no one believes him. Jim Harbaugh, the 49ers coach, wants his cake and he wants it now (!!!) but no one really cares about that.

Then, there’s the guy at the end, overwhelmed with joy that the reporter has an orange peanut for him. “Well, I accept you.” Wise choice, sir, wise choice.


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