Watch: The Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial

This commercial pokes fun at the company's anti-obesity campaign

I have a very strange feeling that the Coca-Cola Company is not exactly jumping for joy at the thought that someone went through the trouble of poking fun at its anti-obesity campaign by rolling out a video claiming to be no more and no less than “The Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial.”

In all fairness, the video might have taken the irony a tad too far, yet the fact remains that some of the points this so-called honest commercial makes are in fact quite compelling ones.

Not to burst anyone's bubble or anything, but sodas really do toy with one's health, regardless of how much calories they allegedly pack or don't pack.

Weight aside, there's always the tooth decay issue and the fact that one's digestive tract and fizzy drinks are not exactly best pals.

For comparison purposes, check out the official commercial for Coca-Cola's anti-obesity campaign here.

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