Watch: The Funniest “Cat in a Laundry Basket” Video Ever

This kitten would do anything to lend a helping paw with the laundry

As most people know, cats are the kings and queens of the online community.

Hence the stir caused by this hilarious video showing a kitten which is ready and willing to do just about anything to help its owner get those pesky clothes in the laundry basket and keep them there.

Granted, the cat is probably just practicing its hunting skills and does not really care about making sure its owner's clothes are spick-and-span.

However, this probably won't keep some people from daydreaming about how cool it would be to have a pet cat that performed various chores whenever it got bored. More so seeing how one such cat would probably demand less money than housemaids usually do.

“Very good kitteh. Now help Kevin with his AP Calculus homework,” reads one comment to this video.

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