Watch: The Ecological Footprint of a Cotton T-Shirt

Cotton t-shirts have an impressive ecological footprint, most people are unaware of this

The video above was posted online only a few days ago, and odds are it will forever change one's way of looking at the t-shirts in their closet.

As the footage shows, manufacturing one such clothing item significantly impacts on the environment, simply because whopping amounts of water and energy must be used in the process.

Furthermore, washing, drying and ironing t-shirts more often than one really needs to qualify as abusing natural resources.

Granted, some people might want to argue that owning clothes and washing them on a regular basis are part and parcel of life and that one cannot simply walk around shirtless all for the sake of the environment.

Still, the fact remains that, as the video shows, using water and wasting it are two very different things.

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