Watch: Tesla Model S “Gallons of Light” Commercial

The commercial is not an official one, but one made by a fan

Towards the beginning of January 2012, the Knapp family took their Tesla Model S out for a spin, and ended up having the trip of their life.

Several weeks later, Jordan Bloch used the Knapp family's road trip as his source of inspiration for the Tesla Model S “Gallons of Light” commercial, made available to you in the video above.

It may very well be that this commercial is by no means an official one, yet no one can argue against the fact that Jordan Bloch's artistic achievement when piecing together this footage is well beyond ordinary.

“That is how you know you made a great car. When people start making the commercial for you without you paying them. Revolutionary,” reads one comment to this video.

Personally, I could not agree more.

For more information on this project, check out Jordan Bloch's official website.

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