Watch: Tech Support Scammers in Action

Security expert Troy Hunt shows that scam calls are still alive

Security experts keep warning users and authorities are doing everything they can to put an end to them, but tech support scams are still alive. Security expert Troy Hunt, who has been actively monitoring and investigating such scams, has published another video which details how these scams work.

Hunt once again played along to show how these scammers, pretending to be from the Technical Department of Windows, try to trick unsuspecting users into thinking that there’s something wrong with their computers.

In this particular case, the con artist tells “the victim” to open the Event Viewer in Windows. He tries to convince the expert that there’s a serious problem with the device because of errors in several applications from the Windows Logs section.

Of course, the scammer claims they can address all the issues in return for a fee.

Take a look at the video. It’s very useful for showing how these scam calls can be identified and avoided.

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