Watch: Teaser Trailer for “Landfill Harmonic”

Upcoming documentary shows youth in Paraguay playing instruments made from trash

A poor community in Cateura, Paraguay now takes great pride in having its very own youth orchestra, whose members do more than just play amazing music: they play it on instruments made entirely from trash.

An upcoming documentary titled Landfill Harmonic is to provide us with all the details concerning this youth orchestra, yet for the time being, we will just have to settle for watching the teaser trailer.

Granted, the instruments shown in this trailer look a tad peculiar, yet if the music heard in the background was created with their help, then I am left with no choice except reconsider my views on old oil cans and discarded wood.

“Our film shows how trash and recycled materials can be transformed into beautiful sounding musical instruments, but more importantly, it brings witness to the transformation of precious human beings,” reads the description for this upcoming documentary on Facebook.

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