Watch: Swiss Shepherd Adopts, Nurses Orphaned Tiger Cubs

The cubs were born in mid-November in Russia, their mother abandoned them

A Swiss Shepherd named Tallim is now busy looking after three baby tigers which were born at the Oktyabrsky zoo in Russia on November 14.

Apparently, the cubs' mother decided that it wanted nothing to do with them shortly after giving birth, which is why zoo employees were left with no choice except try and find someone to adopt and nurture them.

Luckily for the cubs, it was Tallim to the rescue. Interestingly enough, the baby tigers did not like Tallim all that much when they first met her, and some say they went as far as to bare their claws and hiss at her.

Still, Tallim's patient and calm personality finally did the trick, and the cubs now treat her as if she were their real mother.

Two of these cubs are males and they were named Olymp and Dar, whereas the third is a female named Tallim (yes, she got her name from her adoptive mother).

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