Watch: Summer Cunningham’s American Idol Audition Forces Nicki Minaj to Storm Out

Show airs tense moments before the much hyped October spat

In case you forgot, in October last year, while the American Idol auditions for the new season were still underway, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey got into an extremely nasty spat and, yes, video of it leaked online. The audition that caused it all is above.

Below, embedded at the end of this blog post, is the leak video of the spat the two got into after Nicki returned back on the panel.

The disagreement started over contestant Summer Cunningham, who was sent through to the next stage, but not before the four judges came to blows over whether she had a country voice or could sing pop as well.

Only Nicki believed they should not box her into country.

“You’re right. I can’t help her,” the rapper sarcastically told Randy Jackson at one point.

“Maybe I should just get off the [expletive]-ing panel… I’m over it,” she added, storming off.

When she returned, this happened:

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