Watch: Stunning Trailer for Potential “Detox Fashion” Anime

“Toxic is so last season,” the video wants to prove

Following “Requiem 2019,” the time has now come for us to feast our eyes on this stunning trailer for a potential anime called “Detox Fashion.”

Granted, nobody said anything about actually turning this trailer into a full-blown movie, but based on what I've just seen, I would gladly sell an arm and a leg just to go see such a cinematic production should it ever become reality.

The idea is fairly simple: “Toxic is so last season.” In other words, clothes manufacturers must do their best to make sure the items they design and market do not impact on the environment and on human society.

This video was put together and released by the environmentalists working with Greenpeace, whose comments on this video read as follows:

“They say you can tell next season's hottest trend by looking at the colour of the rivers in Mexico and China. That's because global fashion brands like Calvin Klein, GAP and Victoria's Secret are using hazardous chemicals and dyes to make our clothes.”

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