Watch: Stunning Footage of Four Active Volcanoes As Seen from Above

The volcanoes are all located in Russia's Far East

By on February 6th, 2013 10:33 GMT

The video above shows footage of four active volcanoes as seen from above. All of these volcanoes are located in Russia's Far East, and find themselves at a distance of under 110 miles of each other.

Apparently, the online community has a team of daredevil photographers to thank for their being able to watch these stunning images.

Thus, these photographers spent as many as three days in these parts of Russia, despite the fact that temperatures were well below zero, and did their best to record these amazing natural phenomena.

In all fairness, the video was first posted on YouTube back in December 2012, yet for one reason or another, it took a while for it to build up momentum and start getting the attention it deserved.

“Precious footage! Respect,” reads one comment to this video.