Watch: Stephen Colbert Talks Horse Meat Scandal

Horse meat is not dangerous to humans, Stephen Colbert points out

Odds are that almost everybody has heard something about the horse meat scandal that took Europe by storm just a few weeks ago.

The time has now come for Stephen Colbert to express his views on this matter, and few can argue against the fact that he makes some very compelling points.

As previously reported, the problem with eating horse meat has less to do with scientific evidence saying that it is bad for one's health, and more to do with how we view these animals.

Granted, consumers have the right to know exactly what is used to make the burgers they feast on quite often, yet the fact remains that certain people might have overreacted a bit when hearing the news about the presence of horse meat in beef burgers.

Check out the video below for Stephen Colbert's opinion on the horse meat scandal.

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