Watch: Squirrel's OMG Moment Goes Viral

This African ground squirrel has an adorable reaction after noticing a leopard

This footage is part and parcel of BBC's first episode of a new documentary titled “Africa.” The 20-second-long clip has gone viral following people's being quite amused by how the squirrel featured in it reacts when noticing a leopard in its proximity.

Truth be told, there are few who might react in any other way when coming to understand that, unless they make a run for it, they might soon become a big cat's midday snack.

Still, one cannot help but let out a few giggles when witnessing the African ground squirrel's so-called OMG moment.

Needless to say, this squirrel most likely never went through a fight-or-flight phase. Quite the contrary: getting away as soon and as fast as possible must have been the first thing on its mind.

“The look on the squrils face lol priceless !! Lol,” reads one comment to this video. “Keep Calm and ...... RUNNNN,” another one says.

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