Watch: “So God Made a Farmer” Commercial Promotes Traditional Farming

The commercial features late Paul Harvey's commentaries, touches the hearts of many

As far as commercials go, “God Made a Farmer” video of motor company Dodge has turned out to be the winner of this year's Super Bowl.

The video features Paul Harvey's voice, and makes a case of how traditional farming techniques are far better than current society's heavily industrialized ways.

Many agree that this commercial shows that land is meant to be worked by people who are willing to use their hands, and not merely seen as a commodity by major corporations.

More so since the latter only seek to make a profit and more often than not fail to give any thought to issues such as environmental protection and natural balance.

“Absolutely beautiful – what a great reminder of what this land used to be and has sadly all but disappeared,” reads one comment to this video.

“Yeah... the only problem here is that the types of farmers portrayed here (small, single-plot / single-family) are a nearly extinct breed,” another one says.

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