Watch: Python Hitches Ride on a Plane's Wing

The 10-foot-long python held on to the plane for almost two hours

This past Thursday, a group of people who wished to travel from Cairns, Australia to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea were shocked to discover that a snake had hitched a ride on one of their plane's wings.

The snake was first spotted by a woman, who did not delay informing both the cabin crew and the other passengers, Huffington Post says.

As the video above shows, the snake managed to remain hidden under the aircraft's wing for a while, yet a gust of wind eventually dragged it out of this place.

Apparently, the 10-foot-long scrub (about 3 meters) python turned out to be quite a fighter, seeing how it held on to the plane for almost two hours.

Unfortunately, the cold temperatures it became exposed to while flying through the air eventually got to it, and the snake died.

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