Watch: Skydiver Survives 13,000-Foot Fall

Gerardo Flores got away with some broken ribs and a lacerated tongue

Gerardo Flores, a skydiving enthusiast, is now making headlines, all thanks to his managing to survive a 13,000-foot (about 4 kilometers) fall.

Apparently, this very unlucky jump was the man's 30th. Despite his having completed 29 successful jumps up until now, this time something went terribly wrong with Gerardo Flores' parachute, which for one reason or another opened when the man found himself at 13,000 feet above the ground.

“It just exploded … It just it yanked me to the side. Something went wrong … One hundred things go through your mind. You are never suppose to open above 6,000 feet (roughly 1.8 kilometers),” Gerardo Flores commented with respect to this experience.

After his parachute failed, the man fell unconscious and simply plummeted to the ground.

Still, he somehow managed to only get away with some broken ribs and a lacerated tongue. Also, he only regained conscious about two weeks after the accident had occurred.

By the looks of it, Gerardo Flores' parachute failed because several of its components were worn and needed replacing.

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