Watch: Siberian Tiger Cubs Drink Tea to Stay Active

The cubs were born at a zoo in Ukraine, caretakers say the tea keeps them healthy

Only recently, a zoo in Ukraine witnessed the birth of three Siberian tiger cubs. Unfortunately, one of them died shortly after being born.

However, the other two seem to be doing quite well, and one of their caretakers says that their occasionally indulging in a sip or two of tea is the secret to their being so active and healthy.

Siberian tigers are presently listed as an endangered species, which is why the birth of these two cubs comes as very good news as far as conservation efforts are concerned.

As is the case with most other endangered species, one of the biggest threats that Siberian tigers must face is having humans destroy their natural habitats and hunting them.

For those unaware, Siberian tigers are currently the biggest felines to walk the face of the Earth, which is why their becoming extinct would constitute a major loss for global biodiversity.

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