Watch: Shocking PSA Concerning “Bath Salts” and How They Turn People Into Zombies

The footage could easily give horror movies a run for their money

The US Navy has recently released a new video showing what so-called bath salts (i.e. a street name for designer drugs that resemble run-of-the-mill bath salts) can do to people.

Thus, the sailor featured in this footage does some bath salts, and then witnesses how his surrounding reality is pretty much turned topsy-turvy.

The Navy's main goal was that of reminding both ordinary folks and people who work in the public service department that bath salts quite often make people lose all sense of reality, causing them to mistake their peers for demons.

As a result of these hallucinations, people who do bath salts display rather aggressive behaviors, and can sometimes cause significant injuries to the people who find themselves in their proximity without even realizing it.

The video is made available to you down below. Fair warning: the images are rather shocking, which is why viewer discretion is recommended.

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