Watch: Seal Plays Hide and Seek with a Labrador Retriever

The footage was shot in Greenwich, London, earlier this month

This video showing a seal play hide and seek with a pet Labrador has just made it online, and it appears to me that quite a lot of people will take pleasure in having a look at it.

Those who uploaded the video, i.e. Nicola White and David Nolan, explain that this footage was shot by the River Thames in Greenwich, London, earlier this month.

“We were mudlarking on the Thames on the day in question, we always take Mischa, our 13-year-old Labrador. The seal would pop up and Mischa would swim towards the seal only for it to disappear and Mischa to chase the seal in a sort of merry-go-round,” Mr. Nolan explained.

Although it is being said that the seal and the Labrador retriever are playing hide and seek, I am almost certain that this is not the case.

Thus, I am quite convinced that the seal is doing its best to annoy the life out of Mischa, and that its “evil” plan is nothing if not successful.

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