Watch: Scooter Stunts That Leave You Breathless

The Lucky Pro Riders team pulls out flips, rail grinds, jumps and slides

I have seen cool motorcycle stunts before, so coming across a clip titled “Scooter Freestyle – World's Best Pro Scooter Riders” didn't impress me much, as Shania says.

Preliminary analysis aside, this clip is actually quite amazing, and definitely worth watching. It's surprising to see what you can do with a scooter – front and back flips, rail grinds, jumps and slides.

The editing looks professional, and pretty well timed with the "Northwest" tune, by Scott and Brendo. This video was uploaded by YouTube user devinsupertramp.

He mentions that the riders featured in the clip are Kota Schuetz, Lil Jon, Mike Montgomery, Jake Clark and Vincent Kudrna. They are part of the Lucky Pro Riders team, with Lucky Scooters being the company that sponsored the clip.

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