Watch: Sandhill Crane Gets a Peg Leg After Losing Its Real One in Golfing Accident

Veterinarians had to amputate the bird's leg, plan to give it a new, permanent limb

The Sandhill Crane featured in the video above lost its leg because of a golfing accident. More precisely, a golf ball went haywire and ended up hitting the bird's leg.

Because the damage done to the bone was too extensive, veterinarians were forced to amputate the crane's limb and try to fit it with a new, artificial one.

For the time being, the crane must learn how to get around with the help of a peg leg.

However, the people in charge of looking after it hope that, once the stump heals to a considerable extent, they will be able to fit it with a permanent limb that will both help it keep its balance and look significantly better than the peg leg.

The bird currently lives at a wildlife rehabilitation center in Abbotsford.

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