Watch: SPCA Teaches Dogs to Drive

The pets of the future might double as personal drivers

As most people know, the SPCA's working agenda mainly revolves around saving abandoned and abused animals, and finding new homes for them.

Now that the organization plans on teaching some of the dogs in their care to drive, it is quite likely that these pooches will get new owners in no time.

Truth be told, who would not like a pet that doubles as a personal driver?

More so, since the winter holidays are just around the corner and there are many who would very much enjoy it if they could have a glass of wine and simply have someone take them home once the family reunion is over.

Apparently, all this organization wants to prove by means of this campaign is that dogs are way smarter than one might think, and that all of them deserve a second chance to make a family happy.

“Our dogs may be a motley bunch but they're all smart and they're all lovable. So please don't forget about them. Adopt them,” reads the SPCA's description for this video.

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