Watch: SNL Skit “YOLO”

You Only Live Once can also read as You Ought to Look Out

Whether you like Adam Levine or find him an insufferable, conceited dude, you have to admit that his SNL hosting gig over the weekend did come with a few, extremely pleasant surprises.

One of them is above, a skit called “YOLO,” after the universally famous phrase “You Only Live Once.”

As it turns out – and you will see as well once you check out the vid – “YOLO” can also read “You Ought to Look Out” because there are way too many things in this world that can make your life hell or, even worse, shorten it.

So, in the spirit of You Only Live Once, you should probably stay away from furniture (killing machines!), all means of transportation, stairs, the sun, drugs, clubs and life in general.

SNL’s “YOLO” isn’t just hilarious, it’s also quite catchy – definitely more catchy than most of the tracks that are getting airplay today.

Drake, your move now.


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