Watch: Rocking Chair Knits Hats While You Relax

This rocking chair is surprisingly low-tech, still gets the job done

While other rocking chairs harvest kinetic energy and use it to make electricity, the rocking chair in the video below is fully capable of knitting fully-functional hats, in spite of its being very low-tech.

The people who have come up with the idea for this rocking chair are students at Lausanne's University of Art and Design in Switzerland, and were asked by their teachers to figure out a way of creating human-powered designs that prove that not everything must be factory-made.

Truth the told, they have been quite successful in dealing with the task at hand, seeing how their Rocking-Knit uses just the to-and-fro movement of the person sitting in it to manufacture a well-appreciated and quite useful item of clothing: the hat.

Perhaps someday these chairs will be able to knit sweaters as well, thus making it possible for people to rock their way into a warm and comfortable winter season.

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