Watch: Rihanna Releases Intimate Music Video for “Stay”

Touching song gets raw, pretty amazing visual companion

One of my favorite performances at the Grammys 2013 was Rihanna’s, who took to the stage with Mikko Ekko for an amazing live rendition of “Stay.” That song just got an official music video.

Check it out above in full.

The thing about Rihanna, say what you will to the contrary, is that she’s always able to reinvent herself. With each new album or even each new video, she brings forth a side of hers the fans had not seen before.

The same goes for this video, which focuses on nothing else but her face as she reclines in a bathtub, upset and heartbroken that the love of her life won’t “Stay” with her.

She’s not the most accomplished actress out there, as “Battleship” proved but, with this here video, she managed to get it just right. The video is raw, emotional, simple and efficient.

It’s nothing short of amazing, the perfect companion for the track. Enjoy!

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